Continuous progress towards a healthier planet


ZR2 Group is on an energy transformation journey setting high standards for sustainability that enables growth and purpose. We’re on a mission to create a healthier planet for our children and this is the cornerstone of our strategy.

We provide our customers and partners with low emission solutions to some of the worlds most pressing sustainability challenges. Our renewable and circular solutions is our contribution to keeping societies running more sustainably and help to reduce the dependency on fossil materials. Our work is guided by the principles for climate, biodiversity, human rights, our supply chain and raw materials. Together with our partners we are aiming at a carbon neutral and nature positive net zero value chain. We are proud to work in the alternative fuels industry, to help protect the environment and lessen the dependence on oil. We believe that by producing ethanol – a renewable, cleaner burning fuel – we’re helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally.

"The Farmer has to Earn a Sustainable Living and the Energy Transition Will Increase Revenues"

At the same time, we support farmers and promote the development of the agriculture sector. We believe that if we continue to give farmers a good local market for their produce, they have an opportunity to be more profitable and create a positive local economic impact. In the work we do every day, we have a responsibility to our planet and to our people since, in our opinion, the climate change is real.

All plants use water, energy and electricity and produce a level of CO2 emissions – activities that have some impact on the environment. We believe it is our responsibility to cut those impacts by reducing, reusing and recycle and thereby lower our carbon footprint.

“The future depends on what you do today” Mahatma Gandhi

We are committed to preserving and protecting the environment by safeguarding our natural resources, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and striving to reach net-zero status in our business. This work requires us to be focused, disciplined, consistent, efficient, and innovative with a continuous focus on improvement.

We are driven to do this work because we are in business to not only earn a profit but also take care of our people, our community and our shareholders. We do this by giving our employees and partners the opportunity to advance and transform their own lives, which can transform the lives of generations to come. It’s part of our DNA to help our employees succeed – then their families succeed, our communities succeed, and our shareholders succeed. Success for all of us, now and in the future, requires a serious commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiatives.